Westboro Condos Want Underground LRT

10 June 2013

Mr. Russell Mills
Chair, National Capital Commission Board of Directors
202 – 40 Elgin Street
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1C7

Dear Mr. Mills,

We, the Boards of the undersigned condominiums (representing several hundred residents from Dominion to Cleary Avenues) wish to express our support for the position taken by The Underground Solution: Dominion Station to Lincoln Fields. As its name implies, the only acceptable solution for running a commuter train west of Dominion Station is that it be completely underground. We appreciate the stand taken by the NCC Board to protect the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway as an integral part of a long range vision for our capital city. Planning and implementation over decades has resulted in a network of green spaces and waterfronts that emphasizes the best of Ottawa’s natural and man made features. These are appreciated by residents and visitors alike.

Commuter trains do not belong on any part of the parkway. The “mitigation” efforts of which the city has thus far made us aware are not sufficient. The loss of hundreds of mature trees and the building of half berms exposing high speed trains on the river side and blocking views of and access to the river on the south side are unacceptable.

We encourage the NCC to stand firm and require a completely buried solution which preserves the trees and river access along this corridor.

Yours truly,

  • Joe Thomsen, President, 655 Richmond Road CCC # 136
    Catherine Brieger, President, 370 Dominion Ave. (The Barclay) CCC # 81
    Randy Gordon, President, 727 Richmond Road CCC #260
  • cc: Mayor Jim Watson
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