Ottawa’s Western LRT in Westboro

Note: This web site was developed in 2013 and I just rediscovered it. I will be trying to update it in the coming weeks to cover issues around construction of the LRT, particularly around my home by Kichi Sibi station. (Dominion Transitway), Bob, 28 March 2022

This web site is aimed at providing a space for community dialogue, commentary and recommendations around the City of Ottawa’s proposal to locate the western branch of the LRT (light rail/rapid transit) through our community. Most of the materials here will focus on the Dominion to Cleary stations section of the rail line, but will also include materials on the section from Cleary to Lincoln Fields, as well as on issues relating to the use of the Ottawa River Parkway and community and national access to the Ottawa River.

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9 Responses to Ottawa’s Western LRT in Westboro

  1. Living where I do (, Light Rail, or slightly heavy rail -whatever – will be an improvement over the fumes and noise of all those buses.
    The over-sized balcony of my corner unit acts as a corner-reflector to direct the screaming air-conditioning fan noise, engine roar, yodeling turbo-chargers, motorcycles at the traffic lights, up into my dining room.
    Perhaps with LRT there will be no need for those traffic lights, and the stop-start noises from the automotive parkway traffic, and the Transitway buses, will be a thing of the past.

    • luey33 says:

      Yes David. Another benefit of the LRT is the view you’ll have of the train trench and kilometre long mound of grass as far west as you can see instead of those co2 sucking, dead leaf producing pesky trees that must also have bothered you when you moved next to the transitway.

      • Allow me to restate my post. I moved here in 1980, and sometime after that, the Transitway moved here, next to me. There was a large wooded area extending eastward from the present Dominion Station, sheltering birds and wildlife (especially rabbits, with the occasional visit by Bambi). I don’t know how many acres of woods were then sacrificed to the Transitway trench which slashed through that, giving Westboro a great view of stromatolites along the top edge of the rock-cut, and those traffic lights I mentioned.
        I trust we can agree that repeatedly stopping and starting automotive traffic, leaving cars and buses idling and producing CO2 is a less environmentally responsible use of fuel than uninterrupted traffic flow. Dare I hope that the LRT (whichever interment depth is chosen), will mean no more buses to and from the Parkway, and therefore no more traffic lights? Going out on a limb here, I’ll say that the trees do not need any more CO2, that they already receive enough from the automotive traffic on the Parkway!

  2. Ali Black says:

    From the Dominion station west to Skead will be 10 doomed acres unless the City bury the proposed LRT from Dominion Station west and save that stretch of woodlands and this area addition to the sections further Cleary..

    • David James says:

      Burying the line won’t “save” the trees and woodlands in that area. If anything, burying the line will make matters worse in the short-to-medium term. The entire area will be cleared and then dug up to build the tunnel, i.e. dig a trench, build a tunnel box (which means lots of concrete trucks coming and going), and cover it back up. Since a hole is being dug, the affected footprint is larger than it would be if the line were simply placed on the surface due to the need to make the excavation significantly wider than the eventual tunnel and due to the need to stockpile all the soil somewhere for later reuse.

    • luey33 says:

      I agree with everything said by David J. Unless the train is buried very deep, not cut and cover, the trees are history. Cut and cover will be a total eyesore. Look at this video: for a 30 second explanation.
      Also see

  3. That youtube video documents just one stream flowing northwards to the Ottawa River. There are others, such as the one emerging immediately at the west of the Richmond Road Rogers cable building. Perhaps the city hydrographer knows of more, along the Dominion-Cleary stretch. These hidden streams must be allowed to continue flowing, or we’ll have The Rochester Marsh, rivalled only by Swamp Skead. Property values? So are we committed to the Holzman Chunnel? Who will pay for that?

  4. I tried replying to an email querying my post, but outgoing NCF email is blacklisted again?
    The youtube link I meant was (provided above by ‘luey33’) and the Chunnel reference (to running the trains below the level of the Ottawa River shown in the video) was

  5. Bob Thomson says:

    How did you use this template?

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