Background photos and drawings

This page will include some photos and drawings of various areas relating to the LRT project.

Kichi Sibi Station before and after


New Station alignment and issues at a glance


KEV advisory of March 9, 2022 re tree cutting for new alignment

dominion station aerial photo

View to the west from the entrance to the new Kichi Sibi LRT station

Photos below are from 2013 consultations

City Dominion station location airphoto 25april2013

City of Ottawa airphoto of their proposed Dominion station location at the April 25, 2013 City Hall Open House. The proposed LRT station would be right on the Berkley/Dominion street loop rather than in the existing Transitway trench in this proposal. The City has since changed this. (We think!)


View of proposed Dominion Station from 370 Dominion


Click the image to hear 50 seconds of OC Transpo’s noise pollution at the Dominion Transitway station from the 10th floor of an adjacent apartment building. The woodlot is a sound buffer for many, if not all of us, north of the Barclay and Plaza Towers. Even if LRT trains may be quieter, the woodlot also has a high environmental and recreational value.

There are photos of the wood lot west of the Dominion Transitway station at


A view of 727 Richmond condos on June 17, 2013 and from the City of Ottawa presentation of June 13, 2013 showing this scene on completion of the LRT. Note the apparent impact on vegetation. (Click to enlarge)


Click to enlarge

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