Sir John A Macdonald Parkway – Owned and Shared by All Canadians

  • The City of Ottawa is where three great rivers join – the Ottawa, the Rideau and the Gatineau. Champlain first sailed past what is now Ottawa in 1613. The Rideau Canal is a World Heritage Site. The Gatineau has provided a corridor into the heart of the Ottawa Valley for centuries.
  • Because of the scenic and heritage value of these rivers much of the property along the rivers is owned by the National Capital Commission (NCC) – a national body with a mandate to protect these sites from encroachment on behalf of all Canadians.

Our Natural Heritage Is Threatened by a Tram Line

  • The City of Ottawa is one of the physically largest cities in Canada. Much of the employment is downtown, but many of its people live on the other side of a Greenbelt which encircles the core of the city.
  • To service these commuters and cut down on the use of cars, the City is developing a rapid transit system.
  • The City’s current plan is to run this train through the Greenbelt and along the Ottawa River on the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway.
  • The River and the Parkway are a major tourist attraction in Ottawa, and have provided enjoyment and recreation for thousands of people from Ottawa and across Canada for many years.
  • Other routes are possible for this train but the City has rejected them.

What You Can Do

  • If you are in favour of preserving this priceless natural resource for all Canadians, please write or email the following people:

Mayor Jim Watson (also likes twitter)

Russell Mills
National Capital Commission

Keith Egli (City of Ottawa Transportation Committee Chair (also likes twitter)

Councillor Katherine Hobbs (Kitchissippi Ward) (also likes twitter)

Paul Dewar (MP Ottawa Centre)

Say you don’t want the Parkway destroyed by a train line.

Use your own words. Your message doesn’t have to be long, or technical. Just make your voice heard. These priceless assets are owned by all Canadians, across Canada, and should be preserved for future generations.


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